May. 11th, 2010

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I wasn't expecting sublime artistry from the Clash of the Titans.

(Anyone who knew me when I was ages five to eight knows why I saw the remake.)

I wasn't expecting accuracy to Greek mythology - the original Clash of the Titans put the Greek myths in a cinematic blender, set it to purée, and threw in a half dozen Shakespeare plays, and Godzilla and King Kong for good measure.

(Though even the 1981 version didn't make the amateurish mistake of turning Hades into Satan.)

But I also wasn't expecting a two-hour lecture on atheism that could've been ghostwritten by Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. They should've just called it Zeus is Not Great and be done with it. The original was cheesy and campy, but it was just fun. The remake mistakes itself for serious, and tries to deliver a serious - and obnoxious - message.

("Don't believe in gods, kids - even if you're talking to them! And if they're your parents! And if they can kill you! And if they want to help you!" Gah. At least Harry Hamlin wasn't too stupid to look a gift sword in the hilt.)

Oh, well. It's good to see that Liam Neeson has been officially confirmed as Lawrence Olivier. And he has plate mail. That's how you know he's a god - that stuff won't be invented for another 2000 years. And I'm glad they kept Zeus's action figures of the gods. His collection has grown over the years, but then again we have eBay now.


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