Jun. 17th, 2010

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About a decade ago, I paid a visit to the Allan Memorial Institute - a psychiatric hospital where a friend of mine was being kept against his will. His parents had him committed. We snuck in to perform a Pagan ritual to mark the beginning of spring, which involved sneaking a ceremonial sword called an athame into his room. We made a little bit of sacred space in that ugly spot.

For anyone who's never seen the Allan Memorial, it's an imposing, grim building. It's a stone mansion up on a hill whose original owner named it Ravenscrag. It looks like the kind of building that would be haunted in a Gothic novel.

I didn't know anything about the building's history then. I'd never heard about MKUltra, and the now well-documented "Sleep Room" experiments. But if Naomi Klein is right, much of the uglier aspects of the modern world was born in that mansion on a hill in Montreal.

Review of The Shock Doctrine continues )

In short, highly recommended.

In more personal news, I know I need a vacation when I almost use the word "embiggens" in a student's English report card.


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