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Well, after a six-month hiatus, I have finally updated my historical blog. In my defence, I had to research the history of golf in Canada for background. It was painful.

(It will surprise no one that lesbians have been golfing since the 19th century at least, I'm sure. One day they'll unearth a whole other cave-painting complex at Lascaux that's nothing but portraits of lesbian golfers.)

One nice detail is that my website was quoted and referenced in a print book: How To Make Love in a Canoe: Sex in Canada. I've been in contact with the author Jeff Pearce, so I knew it was probably coming, but I got my advance copy the other day. He used my theory that James Barry could have been trans, as well as my reviews of the really bad lit around Barry.

It's only a page and a half, but I was pretty stoked. Along with the attention from mainstream historians and the praising e-mails, it does make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile with my life :)

Other that that, I'm doing a minimum of thirteen pages a day of editing on the novel. It feels ready, and I'm proud of that, too.
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I wrote another instalment in my LGBT history blog -- the invention of the "gross indecency" laws.

I've been reading about some pretty horrendous gaybashing in Pink Blood. I think the worst is a 50-year-old school teacher named David Curnick who was stabbed 146 times in Vancouver by a guy he'd picked up.

The guy claimed at his trial that Curnick had molested him as a child until it was established that Curnick couldn't have met the murderer before said murderer was 19 years old at the earliest. The murderer had also previously attacked two trans women.

Claims of having been molested are one of the most common defences in gaybashing, it seems -- so common that I suspect defence lawyers coach their clients on it. Even when it's proven to be impossible in court, the media frequently portrays it as if it happened that way anyway.

It seems gaybashers have also learnt that if they take something during the crime -- say the wallet, or credit cards, or a microwave oven -- they can get their charge downgraded from a hate crime to a robbery if it comes to trial. Even in a case where the basher tossed the victim's microwave oven in a ditch afterwards (the only thing he took) it was called "robbery."
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I've been editing my historical blog a fair bit lately -- cleaning up grammar (the perils of posting very early, very often) and in style, mostly. A few of the changes have been more substantial, as I've fortified and modified a few of my theories with new discoveries.

However, I've rewritten half of this page, about the first convicts in the penitentiary at Kingston. I was able to get a lot of information on a few of the trials when I was in Toronto a month ago.

I've always been proud of that page -- it's sort of the crown jewel of my collection, because it involved a lot of substantial research in an area no one bothered to look up before. The information was all there, but the accredited historians of homosexuality in Canada never bothered to look it up.

I'm happy that I got to be the one to dredge these men's names up from the abyss.

Meanwhile, it's snowing outside my window. Did I mention that it's April 13, and we're at precisely the same latitude (down to the minute) as Milan?
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A few things:

As of this morning, I'm two-thirds through my massive edit of my novel, hoping to be 70% through it by tomorrow morning.

I'm slowing down my posts to my other blog, making them once-a-week on Sundays. The stuff I'm doing is too research-intensive to do well in such a short time -- I've have 25 years of criminal indictments to go through at the archives by next post.

I'd also like time to relax and do fun stuff (like playing Kingdom Hearts).

For the anime group, I assume we're still meeting tonight at my place? I'll be here, in any event.


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