Feb. 10th, 2011

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So I got back my novel, and the response was...confusing. I got not one but two letters from two different editors. One was an encouraging, the same a before. She was encouraging, but had problems with it still - some I agreed with, some I didn't - and didn't think my style was mature enough yet. She also thought it wasssThe other was a standard rejection letter.

Neither wanted to see it again. But I feel like I've been written two dissenting opinions by a supreme court.

So now begins the great re-edit. I already have my next publishing house picked out, and I've begun my outline. I'll save the heavy work on it for after I finish novel number three, which is a lot of fun and a nice break from heavier work of the main novel.

Nope. Not getting discouraged. I won't let myself. Not until I've been rejected by as many houses as rejected Harry Potter :)


So it was a huge day for human rights in Canada yesterday - the biggest hurdle in the fight for adding trans folk to the Canadian Human Rights act. Now, it hasn't passed yet. There are still hurdles - our evil leader could still find a Machiavellian means to kill the bill, as he did with our big climate change bill. Our democratic mechanisms are rusting closed in this country.

Still, it's made it this far. Props for that go to politicians Bill Siksay, Megan Leslie, and Olivia Chow from my party the NDP. But outside the House of Commons, the one person most responsible for this bill's passage is my dear friend and roommate, [profile] montrealais. He's been a one-activist army, talking to the media, organising actions, setting up a website, writing letters, and getting others to do the same.

If it goes through, now, its effect is limited - protection from discrimination in government agencies (including the military), in airports, in federal housing, and in banks. Next step is the provincial battles, and a Charter challenge court case for the rest. While its scope is limited, though, it's the first time the Canadian government has stated that trans folk are equal citizens. That's worth celebrating.


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