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So, most of you have probably heard that for the first time an American court has ruled that unequal marriage violates their constitution. This means that same-sex marriages are back in California - though there are higher courts and there will be more challenges.

If upheld, though, it could theoretically end unequal marriage across the US.

I've been number-crunching. According to Wikipedia's population numbers, 295,302,688 now live in jurisdictions with same-sex marriage worldwide - a little less 5% of the world's population. As I mentioned on Facebook, it is now available in 5 continents - Norway's and Argentina's claims means you can get same-sex married in Antarctica.

Now we just have to push same-sex marriage in Alaska, Denmark, and Russia - the remaining jurisdictions with Arctic claims - and in Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand for the Antarctic claims. Once we have them surrounded, they'll just have to surrender.

As for the remaining two continents - Asia and Oceania - the race is on. New Zealand is where the good money is in Oceania - they've been talking about it. As for Asia, Nepal is likely the best bet. The court has ordered them to bring it in, but since they're rewriting their constitution right now all other things are on hold. LGBT rights are expected to be in the new constitution, though, so that would pretty much clinch it.

Yes, I know. Icon out of date. But I can't update it right now, and even if I did it would be out of date next week. I wasn't able to get population figures for New Makoku, so it's not included in the statistic above.
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Another miscellany, after a long absence.

Same-Sex Marriage Became Law in Canada 5 Years Ago Today

We should've listened to the religious right. Canada now resembles a Mad Max-esque wasteland, a landscape of broken shells of buildings, where horrific mutants scrounge for cans of food in the ruins of supermarkets.

In other words, it's not just Esquimalt anymore.

Oh, we saw the signs. As the zombies crept through the streets of Amsterdam, infecting the last survivors, we should have realized. When that meteor hit Brussels, we ought to have known. In the last days before we got it - just as Spain legalized and every Spanish citizen abruptly married a dog - we should have heeded the signs and turned back.

But we walked that path - the path that has made Sweden, the Netherlands, and Canada synonymous with living hell on the lips of every person in the world. Even when dogs and cats began living together, we didn't heed the warnings. Now it's too late for us.

Trip West

It was a good vacation, if rushed. The miracle of Facebook means that I'm in contact with many friends long-lost.

Also, I'm back on good terms with a friend I posted about some time ago. I meant to post about that - sorry to anyone who was still worried about me there. But I've been 300 posts behind on LJ forever, and I try to read my friends page before posting myself.

I saw him every afternoon. That was wonderful, and we patched things up, but it meant I was juggling mornings and evenings all week to see others, and I couldn't get to Vancouver. It was nice to see old friends. But now I'm very, very tired. I had very little sleep. However, I am still on BC time, so sleep before midnight is so far impossible.

Oryx and Crake: The Video Game

So someone posted a request for people to respond to a short marketing survey. She's developing a concept for an Oryx and Crake video game - I don't know if she really wants to produce it or not, but even as an idea it's interesting.

At first, I wondered how many Margaret Atwood fans are also video gamers, and then I realized that that's half my friends-list. The survey is here.

So what do you think? RPG? Racing game? First-Person Shooter? It better not be a side-scroller, because this has the side-scrollers-based-on-Canadian-fiction category tied up for the year:
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So congratulations to Iceland and Portugal. Nine countries, a handful of American and one Mexican district, and that's it, so far. About 5% of the world's nations, but everyone that comes over makes it easier for the others - and embarrassing for those that resist.

I need to update my icon. I can't right now, though.

Of course, there are still countries that kill us, still. There are lots of countries that still jail us. Will they move on, or dig in deeper, when they watch the rest of the world move in fits and starts toward sanity?
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This is so sweet -- a picture of George Takei (aka Hikari Sulu on Star Trek) and his partner getting a marriage license in California:

The photo on the second row, third column.

It's adorable -- he's been an actor all his life, and yet he looks so nervous for the camera.

ETA: And on the subject of California same-sex marriage, this bit of religious-right propaganda is one of the most hilariously lurid things I've seen in a long time. It's in PDF format, which proves they're evil.

I have to wonder, though, what does a Marriage Protection Kit include? If it doesn't at least have a grappling hook, a flashlight, and a boomerang, I'd be sorely disappointed.
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I'd like to extend a congratulations to California, where same-sex marriage becomes legal at 5:01 PM, pacific daylight time -- a little more than two hours from now.

And Norway also got same-sex marriage. Kudos to them as well -- we can no longer forget Norway, in spite of its lack of lions.

Still, I wonder what's up with slackers in Sweden? I mean, they gave us IKEA and ABBA, and they let Norway beat them to same-sex marriage? Pitiful.

In other news, I need to update my icon again.
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And congratulations to California, whose Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, starting thirty days from now. I'm going to have to update my icon again ^_^
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I hope to live long enough to see this entire map dark blue.

Got my courses straightened out yesterday at Concordia. The last course of my degree will be "Sources of Shakespeare's Comedy" -- because I've managed to get to the end of a Master's degree in English lit without ever once covering a Shakespeare play.

The verdict on Volpone is that "hermaphrodite" is being used as "homosexual" -- it's made clear later that it's a character "flaw" and the word is used later, applied to someone else in that way.

I'm way behind on my reading schedule.

And I'm about a quarter of the way through the great culling of my novel. This is the second-to-last -- and second-shortest -- step before its completion.
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Several of my various obsessions tied themselves up yesterday.

Anyone following Canadian news knows that as of yesterday, same-sex marriage is the law of the land, coast-to-coast. This means full legal equality at the federal level for GL and B people, but there are still plenty of battles. The NDP launched a battle for trans equality with the C-392, which would put gender identity in the Human Rights Act. Provincially, there are still a variety of discriminatory laws, depending on the province. Canada Customs still stops books, movies, manga, and anime with queer content at the borders.

Then there are still the social fights -- various studies put queer teen suicide attempts at between 3 times and 11 times the average for teenagers. AIDS already wiped out a generation of gay and bi men, and is now resurging -- an estimated 10-16% of gay/bi male population here have it. Then there's the hard drug abuse and alcoholism rates.

On to more cheery subjects.

I'm reading a great graphic novel right now -- a takeoff on the whole Fantasy genre and Dungeons and Dragons called Cerebrus the Aardvark. I'm torn over whether to by any more of the guy's stuff, since I found out that his politics are very far to the right. Should the politics of a writer matter when buying their work? I'm torn between a belief in free speech and a belief in buying responsably :/

Okay, so that wasn't cheery. How about this:

Only of interest to Harry Potter fans, cut for length )
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So, the big news is that Spain got same-sex marriage rubber-stamped before we could get same-sex marriage rubber-stamped. That makes four countries (once we have it officially) and one American state where same-sex marriage is legal.

Meanwhile, here, it passed the first step in the Senate -- First Reading. Senator Gerry St-Germain, a Conservative, promised to keep the Senate in all summer by stalling the bill.

Here's how far we are now, as of yesterday, on my cheesy graphic (I won't find out about today's events until Monday):

Meanwhile, I had my last day of work for the rest of the summer (they don't need anyone in July and August). I'm looking forward to going back in September, though, since that's the first job I ever actually liked.

This summer, I'll have to start preparing for my comprehensive exams.
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So, the same-sex bill has passed. The House of Commons is on summer break, and now C-38 is in the Senate, a retirement home for elderly politicians -- yes-men like Raymond Lavigne who always towed the Liberal party line, and only spoke twice during his political years, and never on anything political.

There are currently 105 senators: 64 Liberals, 22 Conservatives, 5 Progressive Conservatives (they still exist in the Senate!), 5 independents, 8 empty spaces, and one woman calling herself NDP even though our party refuses to recognize her -- we don't believe in the Senate, since (like the electoral college system, or the House of Lords), it's a holdover from a less-democratic time.

Senate rant follows )

In other news, 16 days until Harry Potter 6. I will make one prediction, since Harry Potter predictions are a popular game (hightlight for possible spoiler):

I expect Harry is a metamorphmagus. There I said it. My first major prediction. Of course, given my track record for guessing things, I'm probably way off. I just wanted to say it on the off chance I'm actually correct, and then I can brag ;)


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