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Today is April 27, and it is snowing outside my window. Sadly, it's not going to last until Saturday, which is a pity. A white Beltane would be lovely.

I'm not going to be able to have my birthday on the actual day of it - I work that weekend, and can't get out of it. So I was thinking one week later, Saturday the 15th, and was wondering how that worked for my friends in town...?

I've been doing a fair bit of writing lately. I did a first outline of my novel re-write on paper, and now I'm doing a second, more detailed one. I'm more creative on paper.
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Just thought I'd stop in to wish a happy Ostara to all who celebrate it, and a happy first day of Spring to those who don't.

March came in like a lion, then became a lamb, but that lamb now has distinctly leonine parts. I think I glimpsed a mane this morning, and I'm pretty sure those are claws.

If it further mutates to incorporate goat parts and dragon parts, someone's going to have to call up Bellerophon.
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I've been editing my historical blog a fair bit lately -- cleaning up grammar (the perils of posting very early, very often) and in style, mostly. A few of the changes have been more substantial, as I've fortified and modified a few of my theories with new discoveries.

However, I've rewritten half of this page, about the first convicts in the penitentiary at Kingston. I was able to get a lot of information on a few of the trials when I was in Toronto a month ago.

I've always been proud of that page -- it's sort of the crown jewel of my collection, because it involved a lot of substantial research in an area no one bothered to look up before. The information was all there, but the accredited historians of homosexuality in Canada never bothered to look it up.

I'm happy that I got to be the one to dredge these men's names up from the abyss.

Meanwhile, it's snowing outside my window. Did I mention that it's April 13, and we're at precisely the same latitude (down to the minute) as Milan?
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The windows are actually rattling from the blizzard-winds outside. The snow's let up a little.

Coming home from work today, it was like swimming through a sea of snow. The whole world disappeared except car headlights and streetlights.

Everyone's complaining bitterly. I actually had to trudge through it today when it hit its worst, and I still think it's glorious.
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Yesterday not only broke the record for snowfall in Montreal on December 3, it actually doubled the record. It's a blizzard out there, and quite beautiful ^_^

I've spent these past couple of days quietly indoors for the most part, though I have been out in it a few times. I've been working on more poetry, and a fourth short story (after re-writing my first).

I also beat Dirge of Cerberus, which is -- well, not the most homoerotic video game out there, but makes the top ten thanks to a single scene after the second-to-last battle. Someone should probably have told Squaresoft the slashiness in those shooting games was supposed to stay subtext. Everybody's supposed to pretend that the big men pumping their big guns isn't supposed to have any hidden meaning.

I wonder if that's part of why the game got such bad reviews? Their target audience they were aiming for out here is mostly straight, male, and nervous, after all.
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It's cold but bright day outside. The temperature has dropped far below zero, again, and there's a fair bit of snow, but it's sunny.

I wrote my comprehensive yesterday -- my last, I hope. Four hours writing three essays on nine works (chosen from a list of a 100 works we're supposed to have read), without knowing the topics before hand. Hopefully, it's over for good. I'll probably know next week.

Today, it's a quiet day. I've gotten writing done. I really have to go out and get some things done, but the lull of cold weather and the comprehensive are making me feel like a hermit.

I've been ignoring people -- I haven't even checked my friends' pages in weeks, for which I apologize. I didn't want to let myself get lost in cyberspace before my exam. I'll start trying to get caught up tomorrow.
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This is a nice day. My work schedule got rearranged this week, so I have today off -- which is night because a foot of snow fell last night and the city is beautiful. I love snow. For a moment it makes the world look brand new.

I reached 110,000 words today, meaning that I've written 50,000 words this month (my deadline is Saturday). This is the second month I'll have exceeded NaNoWriMo levels, which has become the standard I set for myself each month.

[livejournal.com profile] seal7 was right. Setting deadlines for myself has really helped.


All three opposition parties forced a bill through yesterday requiring the government to comply with the Kyoto Protocol. The bill uses fines and jail time to ensure that businesses actually do what they're supposed to.

Now the bill just needs Senate approval and Royal Assent -- that is, rubber-stamping -- before it becomes law. Then the government has 60 days to implement the changes.

Now comes the constitutional quagmire. See, the leading party controls the bureaucracy, who implement and enforce new laws. The people's elected representatives may have made this law, but the Prime Minister and the cabinet can simply tell the bureaucracy to ignore it.

I don't think this has ever happened -- there's generally been a certain kind of honour on Parliament Hill when it comes to this sort of thing -- but Harper is an evil bastard who'd do anything, and he says he'll ignore it. His environment minister simply said the legislation was "toothless" because the Conservatives couldn't be forced to comply. The Liberals have correctly pointed out that this amounts, morally, to a coup d'├ętat.

What the other parties can do is bring down the government and force an election, which they've promised to do once the 60 days are up. Since the Conservatives are now moving into election mode, that's probably their answer.

Expect another election before Summer, people.
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So I managed 2600 words yesterday and 3000 today, bringing me up to an even 100,000 words on the re-write of my novel. This brings me well into the second-to-last chapter. I estimate the completed novel will be about 120,000 to 130,000 words.

I've significantly changed the ending and the beginning, though made only minor adjustments and occasional cuts to the belly of this beast. I've tweaked the supernatural elements, clarified and developed one of them and removed the other. I've narrowed and directed the whole story towards my themes, tossed out quite a few rambling digressions and made the characters much less black-and-white and improved the overall tone.

I managed 60,000 words last month, but in the three weeks since then I've only got 40,000 because I've been goofing off so much. Some days I've written as little as a 1000, or even 700. I think I can bring it up to 50,000 in the next week, if I push at it.

Yesterday, we had gently-wafting snow. Today it's spring and the cats are watching the birds outside, playing in the melting snow.
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We were teased by glimmerings of rain this morning. It's already the flesh-roasting period of summer.

I've been going into the local government-run clinic every day for a post-op bandage-changing.

My writing is going very, very, very well. Still don't want to jinx it, though. Now I know how J.K Rowling feels -- scared that if she says "it's getting close to done", she'll suddenly want to re-write it again.

Of course, she has hoards of screaming fans to answer to. Thank goodness I don't have that! And even if I were to finish a version to my satisfaction say, today or tomorrow, there'd still be loads and loads of editing.

Uh, yeah. No game this Sunday, as it shall be [livejournal.com profile] melting_penguin's birthday. We have an anime night coming up on Friday, after 7. And [livejournal.com profile] em_fish, you're hearby formally invited -- I checked and it's okay ^_^


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