Apr. 12th, 2010

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Last week was much visiting of friends - I saw [livejournal.com profile] melting_penguin for the first time since October. [livejournal.com profile] em_fish and I took in a marvellous exhibit on Tiffany at the Fine Arts Museum - turns out he did stained glass windows and was painter, in addition to lamp-maker, and the exhibit is well worth the trip. Then on Friday we had dinner with our friend Steve from Rochester, in the Village.

(I love the Village. Where else are you going to find ads for a performance by dancer Margie Gillis on a men's bathroom stall?)

'Tis been a long work-week. The weekends I work seem longer because neither the computers nor the radios at work seem capable of picking up the CBC. Instead, I've been listening to far more Owen Pallett than is strictly healthy - i.e., any at all.

Pallett is strange, strange, strange, and strange. He is pretentious, postmodern, and frequently incomprehensible.

However, I find it impossible to hate someone who'd write a love-song for Link from Zelda - a love justified by the fact that Link is the only friend he has who doesn't do cocaine* - and a ballad recounting difficulties of geeks trying to date to date "normals."

Besides, Pallett's song about Toronto condo-king Brad J. Lamb** is very funny, and tells us all we could ever want to know about Lamb - including that Lamb once dated a Drow Elf***.

I found an interview with Lamb in which he refuted most of the song's slanders - his supposed impotence, for example, and his wife's passive-aggression. But he never addressed the burning Drow Elf question. I felt this was the song's most important point, and I suspect that large swathes of Toronto can best be explained by the intervention of evil elves in the construction industry. Exhibit A.

*How does he know Link doesn't do cocaine? I feel strongly that some of Link's behaviours can only be explained by cocaine.
** Yes, this a real person.
*** Yes, the song really does claim this


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