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I've had a flu much of the day. The nausea's almost gone, but I still feel very lightheaded. I have to work tomorrow no matter what, but I can go in a little later.

I updated my historical journal today. The current entry is on the Social Purity movement.

This is a movement we've tried hard to forget, though it's responsible for so much evil in this country.
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So for anyone who isn't aware, I'll be in BC from this Saturday to the Sunday of the following weekend. I might detour to Vancouver at some point, but I'll be staying mostly around Victoria area.

The last few days I've been mostly making preparations -- including a few shopping trips. I used the trip as an excuse to buy new clothes, which I've needed due to wear-and-tear, and because I've gone down several waist sizes this year. Maybe I'll be able to fit my kilt at Pride.

Other than that, I've been working heavily on my preliminary edit of the novel. I'm nearly 70% done. I want to finished -- and ready for the big edit -- by the time I go to BC.
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I've been violently ill for most of the past couple of days. Today, I'm propped up at work thanks to the power of Dimetapp.

On the other hand, being on the verge of delirious does mean a lot of the teachers' paperwork almost makes sense.

I never got a chance to thank everyone here for coming to my party, and for the wonderful gifts -- mostly books and manga, and none of it I've read. Also, décor -- "lj user="matt_mcl"> got me a gorgeous stained-glass window display, and [livejournal.com profile] em_fish a lovely stauette.

There is also Star Ocean, though I am not sure yet if I should thank [livejournal.com profile] maidenofirisa and [livejournal.com profile] rougemacabre for such a dangerously addictive game ^_^
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I'm doing a fair bit better today than I was yesterday (see f-locked entry). My flu already seems to have peaked -- I probably shouldn't have gone to work yesterday -- and a good night's sleep and some gunpowder tea have worked wonders. I might be able to handle socializing tonight.

One thing about having lived that kind of poverty is it really does make you appreciate little things like warm tea and warmer blankets. It may have killed a perfect sense of routine in me, and made me have trouble seeing the point of things like equity and RRSPs, credit ratings and real estate. It's probably why I have such a hard time conceiving of property.

But it's also a good thing because learning the stupidity of accumulating stuff is a very good lesson to get early on. Half the people I interact with on a daily basis seem eaten by the things they believe themselves to own.

I've been getting rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff I've packratted away the last month, and it feels good. What feels even better is that last night, after a long nap that took the edge off a growing nausea, I finished the latest draft of the novel. Now it'll require a couple of weeks of editing, and then go back into my editors' hands, if they're still willing.

I'm also reading The Tombs of Atuan -- the sequel to my favourite fantasy novel, A Wizard of Earthsea. That's been my favourite now for more than half my life, and I've read it three times, but only now am I getting to the sequel.
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First I'm going to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister, [livejournal.com profile] jc2004, and to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] archdiva, as well ^_^

I am still a little sick, though now it mostly takes the form of seal-like barking cough. I think I'm going to stay in most of this weekend.
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Yesterday, I got the manga I'd been waiting six years for. Neon Genesis Evangelion -- volume 10.

I loved it. It's still a little ambiguous, but the homoeroticism is much more front-and-centre than in the anime, and the relationship between Kaworu and Shinji is better developed -- and Kaworu's transformation is better plotted, too ^_^

The story's better, too, at this point. The manga was written by the anime's art director, not its writer and director, and didn't begin very well. Over the sries, it's gotten better and better -- much more lucid and understandable, at least -- and the changes in the plot actually work.

In other news, I'm doing better, but I'm not quite okay yet. I started eating more solid food yesterday -- I'd barely eaten anything for five days -- and that seems to be helping my recovery.
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I made it to work today! Hopped up on Tylenol, and with a voice like Harvey Fierstein, but alive!

And just a question about plans tomorrow -- specifically, for the anime group: when are we converging on Astro tomorrow? I'm free anytime after 1:30.
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I was in bed with a fever most of yesterday. I tried my best to go into work this morning, but started throwing up. I left a message with one of my coworkers, but she didn't come into work either (her daughter has the same thing), so I got an irritated call from another coworker around 9 asking why I wasn't in.

I'm doing a fair bit better, now. I can get around, now, and even went down to Pharmaprix to get my allergy medication.

I only got 800 words written yesterday.

I did finally finish reading the Peredur cycle in the Mabinogion. Turned out that half the women Peredur interacted with (including the maiden carrying the Spear of Longinus, and the severed head that replaces the Grail in this version) were actually a shapechanging teenage boy in magical drag.

I'll let you make of that what you will.
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So last Thursday I had what could only be called an accidental allergy test. I call it accidental, because the-CLSC-doctor-who-couldn't-get-anything-right wrote me a referral for the guy thinking he was a dermatologist.

I know have a complete list of what I'm allergic to, and I was right about most of the things I'd guessed. But my most severe allergy is to dust mites, which means I'm going to have to keep this house as dust-free as possible.

Much more disturbing is that I have a mild cat-fur allergy. I'm getting prescription medication for this one. [livejournal.com profile] montrealais says this explains why cats like me so much.

These two allergies probably explain a lot. I've felt like I've had a permanent head cold the last two or three years, which I just chalked up to work-and-school fatigue.

Anyway, the allergist was also crazy -- there are plenty of sane doctors around, but I never seem to get them -- but his nurse performed the test, so I trust it. And I now have a referral for a real dermatologist.

In other news, NaNiWriMo is over, and I seemed to write much less, not more than my usual output. 50,000 words is about average for me, but this month I only managed 16,000 on the non-novel (not counting jettisoned earlier versions).
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Finishing Henry IV, part 1 is a little disappointing. It was the first time I'd read a Shakespeare play without stumbling across one of the famous quotations or sayings -- no "Romeo, Romeo," no "All the world's a stage," no "To be or not to be."

After a brief stop at Shakespeare's sonnets, I moved on to John Donne. I'm still a little surprised -- given how censored my high school experience was -- that we studied "Batter my heart three-personed God" in high school.

I mean, it ends with Donne asking God to rape him -- "Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me." I'm surprised the guardians of morality that pared sex education to the bone (as it were) at my school didn't have a heart attack over this one.

Now I'm done (Donne?) with the Renaissance, so I'm on to John Milton -- the only truly great poet of puritan England.

Meanwhile, for those who are keeping track, my dentist says that my problem is inflamed gums -- nothing serious, just painful. It's relatively easy to fix, and she told me it's the kind of thing I can wait for, so I'm waiting until my insurance kicks in.

In the meantime, the pain is coming and going in waves.
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It's comforting to know the Bard of Stratford, the Great Wordsmith, the man who gave the French language its nickname for English (la langue de Shakespeare), occasionally had his off days.

Possibly Shakespeare's worst lines, from Henry IV, part I:

"...Come, let me taste my horse,
Who is to bear me like a thunderbolt
Against the bosom of the Prince of Wales,
Harry to Harry shall, hot horse to horse,
Meet, and ne'er part till one drop down a cor[p]se.
O that Glendower were come!"
For the record, the speaker's nickname is "Hotspur."

Not much else to report, save that I'm a hairsbreadth from the halfway point on the great culling of my novel. And I'm still enjoying my readings for school.

Other than that, it's not been a nice day. I was almost paralyzed with pain from a toothache this morning and afternoon (I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow -- it feels like something serious). And I had to find my way back home from a commercial wasteland west of Namur station, after doing placement tests all alone -- buses in that region only run at peak hours.
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I thought I was on the mend, but I had to come home dizzy from work today. It was still too soon after the surgery. I hope I'm not coming down with a fever (my doctor was worried).


I flew off the handle yesterday when I discovered that hole in the government records. Turns out it's not something Harper's been plotting, but a procedural void. All four parties are responsible -- I don't think they even realize that their votes aren't being recorded in some circumstances.

I'm going to present an emergency motion to the NDP's convention in September. This procedural hole is fairly easy to fix, as soon as politicians notice the hole is there.

Even if Harper isn't responsible for the hole in the records, with his attacks on the press right now, we need accurate government records to keep track of what all the parties are doing. This is the worst time to have gaps in the records, and so far there's been a gap for every single vote this year on a government bill.

General Geekery

Everyone who's ever seen Neon Genesis Evangelion is actually required to go here. Yes, that's the law. I checked.

I'd issue a spoiler warning for everyone elese, but I think they'd all just be lost.

I love Evangelion. But it is really pretentious. I think I'd hate it as a book. Too James Joyce.

Maybe if Finnegan's Wake was done as an anime, it would be more enjoyable. If Joyce had giant cyborgs, badly-done quantum mechanics, and homoerotic subtext, I'd like him more.
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I had very minor surgery on my back today. Nothing serious, but quite painful, and it's reduced my mobility some. I also have to go into the CLSC for bandage changes. I should be back to normal sometime next week.

I still got very far on my writing, though today. I'm pleasantly surprised at my current pace. And we're still having a game this Sunday, minus [livejournal.com profile] foi_nefaste, who has no car access.


I was still seething from the Bloc Québécois's support of the budget. While they were a separatist party, they were cool on a lot of other issues, but they've really jumped the shark. First the ugly compromise with the homophobes in the party, and now supporting the budget from hell.

I wanted to find out what Liberal support for the budget was, and came across a nasty surprise. This is the page of the edited Hansard -- the minutes of government debates -- that mentions the passing of the budget. This is the same page for last year's budget.

Anyone notice a difference? We no longer get to find out who voted how. We no longer get to find out how our elected officials are voting on issues.

Even Martin would never have dreamed of operating a government at this level of secrecy.

EDIT: It's not as diabolical as it first appeared -- the House voted not to have a formal vote, and pass it without one. That's still kind of creepy -- and I can't find a single other budget where that's happened -- but it's legal.
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Okay, Shakespeare is really creepy. I can't believe it took me so long to notice.

I mean, it's not just the co-dependent 14-year-olds with their suicide pact (Romeo and Juliet).

I'm re-reading the sonnets right now, and about 126 of them are devoted to a young man who the poet is in love/in lust with. Shakespeare goes on and on about this guy's beauty, and about how he must reproduce to preserve that beauty in another generation. Shakespeare promises the young man immortality through his poetry, and the poet laments that he has a penis because the young man is heterosexual. Then he goes on some more about the guy's beauty.

I was trying to imagine how a straight man would react to 126 poems from another man obsessing over his beauty, and whether or not he reproduces and generates good-looking children. The words "restraining order" came to mind.

On a less ethereal plane, I seem to have developed a minor peanut allergy. So far, it's nothing dangerous, but I've heard these things can get worse with repeat exposure, so I'm going to have to be careful to avoid things with nuts in them :/
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We are now a house of the Plague, although it doesn't seem to have hit me as hard as it hit Matt. I was feeling queasy yesterday, but so far no vomitous offerings have been made at the porcelain altar.

We had to cancel the Lughnassadh event yesterday since three of us were unwell. I just did a small, quiet, personal thing to mark the holiday.

Otherwise, I'm still slogging slowly through Susannah Moodie and her Freaky Neighbours, also known as Roughing it in the Bush. I'm only one-third through it. It has all the hallmarks of early Canadian literature: violence, death, snowstorms, dark forests, suicide, and abused children, and yet it still manages to be boring.


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