Jun. 8th, 2010

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So I became the last person on earth to see Avatar this week. Probably the last person on earth. The indigenous Dongria Kondh people of India are using the film to draw attention to their plight. Poor Chinese folk are using the theme song to protest the demolition of their homes. So it seems to have made it out of the bubble of well-to-do West.

And this movie has had a lot of resonance. And that's because it is brilliant as a work of art, and - just as importantly - touches some important nerves.

The genius, the genius loci, and flaws of Avatar - long and spoilery, but who hasn't seen it really? )

So in short, if there's one person left who hasn't seen it, they probably should. Its only seriously flaw is the racist implications of being Dances with Wolves in space. But there's so much else there, just in terms of its sheer beauty, and its ecological and its spiritual themes, that I have to recommend it.

In more immediate political news, please call up your MP and ask how they're voting on bill C-389 tomorrow. That's the bill to give a small number of basic equality rights to trans people - on-the-job and as-a-customer stuff at airports, at banks, and with the federal government. It's minimal, but it's a start. Currently it's legal to discriminate against trans people in pretty much everything.

If you don't know who your MP is, you can use your postal code here to find out. The real risk is apathy. Most MPs probably don't think you care, and they have a nasty habit of playing hooky from the House of Commons when they think the public doesn't care.

The transphobic, meanwhile, will be in the House for sure to vote against it.


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