Aug. 6th, 2010

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So, most of you have probably heard that for the first time an American court has ruled that unequal marriage violates their constitution. This means that same-sex marriages are back in California - though there are higher courts and there will be more challenges.

If upheld, though, it could theoretically end unequal marriage across the US.

I've been number-crunching. According to Wikipedia's population numbers, 295,302,688 now live in jurisdictions with same-sex marriage worldwide - a little less 5% of the world's population. As I mentioned on Facebook, it is now available in 5 continents - Norway's and Argentina's claims means you can get same-sex married in Antarctica.

Now we just have to push same-sex marriage in Alaska, Denmark, and Russia - the remaining jurisdictions with Arctic claims - and in Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand for the Antarctic claims. Once we have them surrounded, they'll just have to surrender.

As for the remaining two continents - Asia and Oceania - the race is on. New Zealand is where the good money is in Oceania - they've been talking about it. As for Asia, Nepal is likely the best bet. The court has ordered them to bring it in, but since they're rewriting their constitution right now all other things are on hold. LGBT rights are expected to be in the new constitution, though, so that would pretty much clinch it.

Yes, I know. Icon out of date. But I can't update it right now, and even if I did it would be out of date next week. I wasn't able to get population figures for New Makoku, so it's not included in the statistic above.


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